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CUSTOMER SUCCESS: Leading IT Infrastructure Service Provider Fujitsu FSAS Successfully Manages Private Cloud with BMC …


Fujitsu FSAS, a leading IT infrastructure service company in Japan, consolidated its nationwide servers and streamlined management of a company-wide private cloud with BMC Softwares (NASDAQ:BMC) BMC BladeLogic Automation Suite.

With approximately 5,500 service account engineers spread across 160 locations, Fujitsu FSAS previously deployed systems optimized for each division at about 80 sites throughout Japan. This resulted in a decentralized server environment that made management of the company-wide IT infrastructure challenging. System administrators were overwhelmed with enormous workloads, which led to operational inefficiencies across the IT environment.

When the operational issues reached a tipping point, Fujitsu FSAS decided to consolidate all of its Japan-based servers in just two sites – east and west – and began constructing a private cloud to unify IT operations. While the consolidation of distributed servers in the east and west sites enabled reduced workloads for local administrators, this private cloud undertaking brought about new challenges as well. Workload for head office administrators increased as they were required to manage all the servers. To solve these problems, Fujitsu FSAS turned to Fujitsu Limited, a BMC Software partner for a viable solution that would streamline its operations.

Server provisioning in the past was done manually, so it took five business days from the initial request, said Akiko Takahashi, system development, CIT division, business management group, Fujitsu FSAS. Now that the process is automated, we can do the same job in just one business day for system related processes. Without the required approvals, we could feasibly complete the process in just half an hour.

The BMC BladeLogic Automation Suite is an integrated management platform that controls the entire lifecycle of the server environment, from server provisioning to application patching and configuration management at datacenters. Automation minimizes operational errors and saves time spent on recurring tasks, which leads to a considerable reduction in staff time needed for server management. The solution has enabled Fujitsu FSAS to manage the company-wide private cloud environment with just three staff members.

Concurrently, the BMC solution has decreased the IT infrastructure management workload for system administrators in each local office, enabling staff to focus on other important projects. The BMC BladeLogic Automation Suite also enabled centralized system management and ensured good IT governance, boosting system security levels and reinforcing standardization of processes across the IT environment.

To maximize the use of BMC BladeLogic, Fujitsu FSAS is looking forward to greater benefits both internally and externally.

We are further exploring the extensive functionalities of the BMC BladeLogic Automation Suite and plan to implement these features soon, said Yutaka Okamoto, system operation, CIT division, business management group, Fujitsu FSAS. These opportunities, as well as the success we have already enjoyed, have set great expectations of how BMC will help our business going forward.

Additional Information

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CUSTOMER SUCCESS: Leading IT Infrastructure Service Provider Fujitsu FSAS Successfully Manages Private Cloud with BMC …

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Rackspace Rolls Out OpenStack Cloud Servers

Rackspace today introduced its next generation of cloud servers, powered by the open source OpenStack software it co-founded.

Logo courtesy of Rackspace.

In addition to offering compute, storage and networking cloud services, Rackspaces Next Generation Cloud Servers also support the OpenStack API.

Karthik Ram, director of engineering at the cloud-based server automation firm ScaleXtreme, said: Were impressed with the speed and performance of Rackspace Next Generation Cloud Servers. The API is remarkably reliable and we can be comfortable with its stability thanks to its OpenStack heritage, Ram said. This may be one of the first Infrastructure-as-a-Service offerings to take full advantage of the power of open standards and were excited to be using it.

The open era of the cloud is a reality, Lanham Napier, CEO of Rackspace, said in a statement. Were drawing a line in the sand against proprietary cloud providers.

Rackspaces Vice President of Product, Mark Interrante, said today in a blog post the company had helped develop the software with input from users via a beta program.

Interrante also touted the open model. Openness is key to the Rackspace Cloud and we give customers the power to choose our public cloud, or leverage it in their own data centers, he said.

Rackspace CTO John Engates talks about the new OpenStack-based Rackspace Cloud in this video:

Rackspace says there is currently limited availability for the OpenStack cloud.

Have your say: With IBM, RedHat and others all supporting OpenStack, has the open clouds day come? What do you make of Rackspace joining the party? Is its Fanatical Support and managed-service levels a big deal for your cloud plans?

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Rackspace Rolls Out OpenStack Cloud Servers

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What is Cloud Hosting? – Australian Cloud Hosting Providers – Video

16-04-2012 20:55 – What is Cloud Hosting? Cloud Web Hosting is a new way to host websites where instead of hosting your site on a single server (usually with hundreds of other web sites), it is hosted on a massive network of 1000s of servers working together to create a cloud computing environment. For more information on cloud hosting, visit

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What is Cloud Hosting? – Australian Cloud Hosting Providers – Video

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Managed Hosting Company, OneNeck IT Services, Selected by Southwest Home Builder for Cloud Services

SCOTTSDALE, AZ–(Marketwire -04/18/12)- Managed hosting company, OneNeck, announces it has entered into a five-year managed services contract with a predominant southwest home builder. Under the terms of the contract, OneNeck will provide hosting and management of their Microsoft application environment including Microsoft Active Directory, SQL and Exchange 2010 hosted on OneNeck’s Cloud Infrastructure. The agreement also includes server management, application management, database management, virtual machine management, operating systems management, managed storage and managed backup.

The company designs and builds luxury and semi-custom homes on premium properties across Arizona, Nevada, Colorado and California. OneNeck worked closely with the organization to create a flexible, robust environment that could handle their growing needs without incurring the costs associated with an infrastructure build-out. Using OneNeck’s virtualization expertise in cloud services and rapid deployment, OneNeck implemented an operational cloud-based version of the company’s existing environment quickly and securely.

“The builders’ selection of our managed hosting services highlights the clear business benefits to growing companies,” said Chuck Vermillion, OneNeck CEO. “OneNeck’s hosted services enable customers to rapidly deploy and scale cloud-based environments for critical business applications.”

For more information on OneNeck’s solutions, including cloud services visit:

About OneNeck IT Services: OneNeck IT Services, a TDS company, is a premier provider of managed hosting services in the Southwest. OneNeck successfully hosts and manages operations to a national user base. Our services consist of cloud-enabled application management, operating system and server management, disaster recovery, desktop support, managed backup and storage, network management, data center management and 24/7 customer support.

With OneNeck’s managed hosting solution, you get a turnkey full-service IT solution that includes the best certified experts in the industry, 24-hour live helpdesk support, tested and proven ITIL best practices in IT managed hosting and world-class technology. For additional information, visit OneNeck IT Services at

TDS Telecommunications Corp., a wholly owned subsidiary of Telephone and Data Systems, Inc. (NYSE: TDS – News), a Fortune 500 company, holds management responsibility for the operations of OneNeck IT Services Corp., VISI Incorporated and TEAM Technologies, LLC through TDS Hosted & Managed Services, LLC. Visit,,, and for more information.

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Managed Hosting Company, OneNeck IT Services, Selected by Southwest Home Builder for Cloud Services

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iNetRadio Adds User Music Cloud Hosting

STAMFORD, Conn., April 17, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –iNetRadio, the free Internet radio mobile app that gives users what they want when they want it, takes the concept of “fully customizable” to a higher level with music cloud hosting.

While users are already able to choose from dozens of popular iNetRadio music channels, those with particular or very unique tastes can now create their own channel by uploading their songs to iNetRadio using the new iNetRadio cloud hosting option. Their music, combined with instant access to the latest news, weather, sports, and virtually any online information or entertainment talk program, makes iNetRadio the perfect Internet radio station with continuous new and fresh content.

“We’re always adding music channels, and some have been by user request,” according to Jack Slater of iNetRadio. “Even with a wide selection that includes Today’s Hits, Big Band Standards, Dance, Beautiful Music, decades of Rock & Roll and Country, Classical, and Jazz, there are still users looking for something else and our cloud hosting option makes the choices literally limitless.”

Cloud hosting music is a relatively new concept where users upload their collection to a server that they can access anywhere in the world where there is an Internet connection. This has many advantages over having to sync or copy music files to a mobile device. Cloud hosting on iNetRadio gives users the additional benefit of instant access to news, up-to-date weather, sports programs, plus special lifestyle features and tips, all combined with their own music selection, all with one app.

iNetRadio is available as a free iPhone, iPad, or Android app and as a player for desktop or laptop computers. Please visit http://www.inetradio.comfor a demo. iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Android users can find iNetRadio in the Apple App Store or on Google Play.

Contact Jack Slater ( for more information, or browse our media information site at our FAQs, a full press release, and promotional graphics.

This press release was issued through eReleases(R). For more information, visit eReleases Press Release Distribution at

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iNetRadio Adds User Music Cloud Hosting

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American Diversified Holdings Corporation (ADHC) Rebel Networks to Launch Business Cloud Box

DEL MAR, Calif., April 2, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — American Diversified Holdings Corporation (Pink Sheets:ADHC) – Rebel Networks, the Toronto, Ontario based subsidiary of ADHC cloud computing provider today announced that it plans to enhance its cloud based application offering to small and medium size companies. The Company has developed Business Cloud Box, which will enable small businesses to manage all their cloud products into a seamless single control panel.

Rebel Networks also stated that this is part of the cloud computing plan that has been in works for some time. Domenic Macchione, President and CEO, stated — “Rebel Networks can take numerous cloud services and bundle and unbundle them as per customer requirements.” Rebel Networks will position itself as a vendor for small and medium businesses to enter into the cloud space with custom tailored solutions.

Domenic Macchione also stated, “Imagine customers today trying to manage all sorts of cloud services such as email, web portals, BlackBerry, mobile apps, storage, etc. from multiple vendors with multiple passwords and logins. Now Business Cloud Box can seamlessly integrate these cloud services into a single control panel and the customer can select which components they need and create custom bundles of services to match their requirements.”

Rebel Networks is a leading provider of outsourced Internet infrastructure and related managed web solutions. Rebel Networks services include the provision of managed dedicated servers, unmanaged collocation services, domain names services, reseller hosting & shared web hosting solutions with 100% server uptime for your websites. Visit today!

For more information or to schedule an interview, call 1-877-41-REBEL (73235).

In other company news and events, the board and management of ADHC is aware of certain volatility in its share price which occurred on Friday, March 30, 2012. The management of ADHC has always been of the opinion that its stock was subject of a massive short or oversold position. The management is of the opinion that this huge and unexpected surge in volume and volatility is based upon the recently completed 1 for 1,000 reverse split, and that this corporate action may finally address the oversold / short position. The company has been advised that the effective date for the share split is April 2nd 2012. Subsequently, the new trading symbol “ADHCD” (D added) shall remain in effect for approximately 20 business days and will revert back to the original symbol of ADHC.

The company intends to release news and events on a frequent and timely basis cumulative with this corporate action.


This press release contains forward looking statements pursuant to the “safe harbor” provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. These statements include risks and uncertainties that may cause the company’s plans to change and are in no way intended to guarantee that the company will be successful in executing its plans. American Diversified Holdings common stock currently trades on the over-the-counter “Pink Sheets” under the symbol ADHC. This press release in no way constitutes any recommendation regarding the securities of ADHC or its affiliates. Any person reading this press release is advised that this release should be considered in the light of all facts and circumstances regarding the business and financial condition and prospects of ADHC, and no inference has been made that this release contains all such information.

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American Diversified Holdings Corporation (ADHC) Rebel Networks to Launch Business Cloud Box

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Dell Announces Intent to Acquire Wyse Technology


Dell today announced it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Wyse Technology, the global leader in cloud client computing, to significantly extend its desktop virtualization offerings. The addition of Wyse will expand Dells desktop virtualization capabilities and provide new solutions and services opportunities for the full range of Dells enterprise offerings.

In some environments, a virtual desktop allows enterprises to more efficiently and securely manage their users and end point devices. With this acquisition, Dell expands its enterprise solutions portfolio and offers customers an ever broadening array of tailored solutions to meet their needs.

The total market for desktop virtualization solutions should continue to see strong growth globally, with the larger revenue and margin opportunities coming from the datacenter infrastructure, cloud and services offerings that are tied to thin client and desktop virtualization technology sales, said Matt Eastwood, Group Vice President, Enterprise Platform Research, IDC. Thin client and desktop virtualization solutions typically drive high attach rates to data center solutions, including servers, networking, storage and services. The end-to-end datacenter infrastructure stack for these solutions is expected to exceed $15 billion by 2015.

Wyse Technology Leadership

Wyse Technology, ranked No. 1 in thin client unit shipment volume on 4Q 20111, has shipped more than 20 million units worldwide and has over 200 million people interacting with its products each day. The company has more than 180 patents, both issued and pending, covering its solutions, software and differentiated intellectual property.

The Wyse solutions portfolio includes industry-leading thin client solutions with advanced management, desktop virtualization and cloud software.

Wyse Technology, founded in 1981, is headquartered in San Jose, Calif., and serves customers in more than 50 countries around the world. Wyse has more than 3,000 resellers and shipped more than 1 million units in 2011.

The transaction was approved by the board of directors of each company and is expected to be accretive to Dell non-GAAP earnings in the second half of its Fiscal Year 2013. Additional terms of the transaction were not disclosed. The transaction remains subject to customary conditions and is expected to close in the second quarter of Dells FY13.


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Dell Announces Intent to Acquire Wyse Technology

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Dell Enlists 12G Servers, the Cloud for VDI Refresh

Dell today unveiled three new virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) offerings aimed at speeding deployments and giving businesses the option of on-premiseand cloud-based hosting.

Flying under the Desktop Virtualization Solutions (DVS) banner, the new product slate includes a new DVS Simplified Appliance powered by Citrix’s VDI-in-a-Box software.Dell’s DVS Simplified Appliance is a rack-mount PowerEdge R710 server that runs Citrix VDI-in-a-Box v5.0 and Citrix XenServer v5.6 SP2. It ships pre-configured, with Citrix’s hypervisor, virtual machines and management software already installed.

The server arrives with fresh-from-the-factory support for Dell’s OptiPlex FX130 and FX170 thin clients, as well as Dell Latitude systems with Ubuntu. According to the company, the DVS Simplified Appliance can have organizations up and running in just hours, help streamline IT management and achieve cost-savings — a VDI “benefit” that organizations are still struggling to quantify.

Kumar K. Goswami, the vice president of Products for Citrix, feels that the partnership between his company and Dell will help mainstream VDI. “Combining the simplicity of the solution with the market presence that Dell has in the desktop space, we are excited about the opportunity to reshape the desktop virtualization market,” said Goswamiin a company statement.

For large deployments, there is the DVS Enterprise offering. On the software side, customers will have the option of VMware View 5 or Citrix’s VDI platform. Hardware-wise, Dell has crafted an all-encompassing infrastructure package that’s based on its new 12G servers, as well as the company’s storage arrays and networking equipment.

Dell’s 12G – or 12thGeneration PowerEdge — server platform debuted in tandem with Intel’s next generation E5 chips. New processors aside, another of the big selling points is what the company calls Fluid Data Architecture. Meant to minimize I/O bottlenecks, like those that exist between storage and compute, Fluid Data uses components like flash memory to improve performance beyond the processor.

Dell is confident that its upgraded servers are up to task of supporting an enterprise VDI environment. According to Dell, DVS Enterprise can scale from as few as 50 seats to thousands of seats.

Lastly, Dell is preparing for a second quarter release of a cloud VDI option called DVS Simplified Desktop as a Service (DaaS). An expansion of Dell’s existing cloud virtual desktop offering, DVS Simplified DaaS employs Desktone’s Desktops as a Service (DaaS) software and hosts it in Dell’s data centers.

Pedro Hernandez is a contributing editor at, the news service of the IT Business Edge Network, the network for technology professionals. Previously, he served as a managing editor for the network of IT-related websites and as the Green IT curator for GigaOM Pro. Follow him on Twitter @ecoINSITE.

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Dell Enlists 12G Servers, the Cloud for VDI Refresh

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IBM expands analytics, cloud offerings for local SMEs

IBM Philippines has unveiled new server solutions designed to expand cloud and analytics capabilities of small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

The new offerings include high-performance systems, networking, and software products aimed at helping clients optimize data center operations.

Cloud computing deployments are expected to grow more than 19 percent per year, according to IDC, and a recent IBM CIO study showed cloud implementations nearly doubling from 33 percent to 60 percent over the last two years.

From the design of the servers, software and services, IBM solutions are created to help accelerate the journey to Smarter Computing, said Irene Catane, country executive for systems and technology group for IBM Philippines.

Among the solutions introduced is a new version of IBMs BladeCenter Foundation for Cloud (BCFC), an integrated virtualization platform with built-in system management and preconfigured with servers, storage, and networking.

BladeCenter Foundation for Cloud is now powered by the new generation of IBM BladeCenter HS23 systems that offer 62-percent more computing power, and comes integrated with the new 10GbE Virtual Fabric technology that enables clients to run 20 percent more virtual machines, creating an optimal environment for building and deploying advanced cloud applications.

The increased bandwidth and up to four times more memory allows the HS23 to support faster data transfers that are essential to virtualized cloud and analytic workloads.

In addition, IBM FastSetup for BladeCenter, a cost and time-saving console application can help clients reduce from days to hours the time it takes to complete large deployments.

IBM SmartCloud solutions for mid-sized clients

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IBM expands analytics, cloud offerings for local SMEs

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