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Short Bytes:There are 14 people who handle the Internet. These people are the members of ICANN. This organizationchecks Internet security, as well as links domains to IP addresses. There are seven people who hold the key, and the other seven are backup keyholders. The security of the organization is very tight considering its responsibility as an Internet security system.

A team of 14 people has control on the Internet. Each of the individual holds a key, which whencombined together forms the main master key of the whole of the Internet networks worldwide. Seven of these fourteen people are the main keyholders, while other seven are the backup keyholders.

The information was gathered by The Guardian. And all the details were based on the highly secure Key Ceremony attended by its special project editor James Ball.

The team joins in a meeting held four times a year. As reported, all the keyholders of the unit are highly experienced and personalized in Internet security. Further, no country has too many keyholders or rather its not really allowed.

The body handles the Domain Name System that links web address to IP address. For every web page, there is a numerical internet address. The objective of the master key concept is to secure the whole Domain Name System.

There are multiple security levels. Each keyholder keeps their metal keys in the most security-tightened place. All these safety and security is taken care by an organization named Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) which holds the system.

For that matter, if we talk about the security system of the office, its not easy to get inside their working arena, quite obvious. It actually requires passwords to pin entry to the smart card to biometric hand scan to enter any room. That too only one door at a time can be opened. It is like a mantrap, says James from The Guardian.

But did you notice their strategy, plan or security? Well, ICANNs plan is a backup for situations of cyber attacks. The reason the keys are divided among 14 is only to ensure no power goes to a single hand, which is otherwise risky.

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