Cloud-based CAE HPC Partnership Focuses on Speed and Security of Data Transfer –

The collaboration between Rescale and Equinix provides a scalable HPC solution. (Image courtesy of Rescale)

Engineers and managers also are concerned that trade secrets, proprietary designs and other intellectual property (IP) may be exposed to outsiders, particularly when data is communicated over the public Internet. Cloud-based high-performance computing (HPC) solutions often communicate data over the Internet to provide convenient global accessibility, but this communication network can result in undesired exposure of data, private information and competitive information. While high computational capacity is needed, viable computing solutions must provide sufficient security to protect user designs, information and privacy.

The recent alliance between Rescale, an HPC environment simulation and analysis tool suites provider, and Equinix solves the security issues and significantly improves HPC capability. The platforms provided through this collaboration allow users to enhance computational capability without risking IP, privacy and security.

The Equinix platform provides access to multiple cloud computing resources through a common interface (Image courtesy of Equinix.)

This collaboration offers a holistic approach to improving performance for computationally intensive engineering simulation and analysis. Users can integrate their own equipment with the cloud computing resources or draw on them as needed. The net result is a higher performance and cost-efficient HPC solution.

For more information visit the Rescale and Equinix websites.

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Cloud-based CAE HPC Partnership Focuses on Speed and Security of Data Transfer –

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