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What is the advantage of encryption?

Encryption is used most commonly in e-mails, private websites, and generally any online network that needs security and hold personal information.

What are some of the most secure types of encryption and what sort of methods can be used to decrypt them?

What is the difference between 64-bit, 128-bit and 256-bit data cryptography?

Can I use encryption on my password to get into my computer?

what is the correct meaning of encryption?

Cryptography is a wide term which encapsulates both encryption and decryption of data. Cryptography, i.e. encryption and decryption, are done by using the cryptographic algorithms which are mathematics based. Cryptography algorithms require a key for the encryption and decryption of data.

what is encryption and online privacy?

I know the meaning of encryption but I don’t know the meaning of online privacy.

What is encryption key and how it is used for encryption?

What is Encryption? Explain characteristics advantages and disadvantages and users.

i want ieee projects on AES. from where can i get those ieee papers?

what is meant by encryption and explain it?

how can i write a cryptography algorithm?

What is 128 Bit encryption?

what is secure and fast encryption algoritham[SAFER]

what is an encryption key and how it is used for encryption?

Cryptography is the field of study that stands for the methods and principles that are used to transform data and hide its contents. Apart from this, cryptography is also used to establish authenticity, prevent unauthorized access and/or modification of data. It uses mathematical algorithms to transform data into an unreadable format. The main purpose of cryptography comes into play when information is transmitted, when it is more susceptible to be eavesdropped. This transformation of plain text into an unreadable format is called encryption and the process of reversing it back to a readable form is called decryption.

What is the difference between Encryption and Cryptography?

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What is Encryption? (with pictures) – wiseGEEK

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