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August 1st, 2017 by Adam Armstrong

Today Morro Data introduced two new service offerings that aim to replace the need of having a local NAS, CloudNAS and CloudNAS Business. According to Morro Data, these new service offerings can deliver the benefits of cloud storage with the performance and reliability of local NAS, all in a cost-effective manner. Morro states that the solutions will save users productivity while operating costs by as much as 80%.

Founded by Paul Tien (founder of ReadyNAS, acquired by NETGEAR) and his core team, Morro Data is attempting to revolutionize storage for Small- and Medium-Businesses (SMBs) with simple, fast, affordable, enterprise-class cloud storage and accelerated file distribution. The heart of Morro Datas services is CacheDrive, a cloud storage gateway, and Morro Storage, built on Amazon S3. Files are stored in the cloud, cached in the gateway, and synced globally.

Aimed at prosumer, SOHO, and SMB markets, the new solutions offer several benefits including the elimination of maintenance, infinite capacity, and plug and paly setup. Morro also offers enterprise-class storage features with the on-demand file performance of an on-premise NAS system, something that would cost smaller end users a premium to have in their NAS. Morro Data works with common cloud storage options, meaning users can keep the storage solutions they have.

The two solutions announced include:

Morro Data

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Morro Data Announces CloudNAS | – Storage … –

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