FusionCloud Full-Stack Private Cloud – Huawei Enterprise

FusionSphere Openstack

FusionSphere OpenStack is Huaweis commercial OpenStack release with a built-in Huawei KVM virtualization engine based on open-source OpenStack. It incorporates enterprise-level enhancements to its computing, storage, network management, installation and maintenance, security, and reliability. This solution is the optimal commercial OpenStack choice for enterprise private cloud, carrier NFV, and public cloud service providers.

The ManageOne solution provides a unified Data Center (DC) management platform and supports agile operation and simplified O&M. The solution offers reliable service quality assurance and distributed cloud DC coordination. ManageOne has the following features: – DCs are physically distributed and logically centralized. – Centrally managed multiple DCs, heterogeneous virtualization platforms, and O&M activities.Based on the Virtual Data Center (VDC) mode, a data center can be used to provide different resource services for different departments and services, allowing for separation of resource construction and usage, while matching enterprise and carrier management modes.

Huaweis hybrid cloud solution, FusionBridge, supports eight unified services and provides standard OpenStack APIs. It enables automatic cross-cloud network connection while providing uniform images, resource view, and service catalog. This solution helps enterprises readily deploy services across clouds, shortens deployment time, and facilitates cross-platform operations and O&M.

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FusionCloud Full-Stack Private Cloud – Huawei Enterprise

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