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Today’s corporate officers and IT technologists are literally deluged with marketing hype over cloud, and the economic advantages of migrating business and IT functions and applications to the cloud.

We have seen corporate giants like NetFlix and Sabre (global reservation system used by major airline carriers) experience cloud-based system outages, causing customer delays and significantly impacting business not just in the US, but impacted globally in the case of Sabre.

There are hundreds of cloud providers to choose from in the market today. Not all are enterprise ready, despite their claims. And let’s face it, many have paid or biased positioning in leading independent studies released by highly respected IT research companies.

How does a CIO or CTO, and today’s CEO, tasked to identify the essential drivers of a business, navigate? Leading independent think tanks (Gartner, Aberdeen, IDC, etc) are not fully equipped to provide battle-tested and deep thorough analysis regarding the critical issues of cloud security, network throughput, reliability and ROI when it comes to enterprise grade customers. Researchers can only convey what they read and disseminate their opinions, not facts. Gartner (NYSE:IT) even has in its disclaimer that all analysis is “opinion and not based on facts.”

It’s time that we get real answers and share actual experiences from companies who are using enterprise grade cloud and from true technologists that has the experience and credentials to provide an unbiased roadmap.

GOAL: We create leaner, more efficient companies that is secure, reliable and has the ROI to start training our current employees, and bringing jobs back to the US workforce.

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Doug H. – Boston Cloud Computing Meetup (Boston, MA) | Meetup

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