Cloud Computing and Collaborative MBSE Comes to HyperWorks –

Custom cloud computing appliances can be accessed from most devices. (Image courtesy of PBS Works.)

Users can mix and match resources to configure their HPC

Engineers can configure and manage cloud resources using (Image courtesy of PBS Works.)

You can try for free at this link, or learn more about the solution on the PBS Works website.

Engineers can connect engineering analysis with system models by adding the ModelCenter tool from the HyperWorks simulation platform. Users can create and automate a multitool workflow within the framework of ModelCenter to integrate analysis performed using different platforms and using tools from multiple vendors. Users can select the optimal analysis or simulation tool from preferred vendors and interconnect the input and output data to form a single unified workflow.

Engineers can customize workflows with ModelCenter. (Image courtesy of Altair.)

Engineers can connect the engineering analysis to the systems model using the ModelCenter MBSEPak. With this model-based systems engineering (MBSE) approach, users can combine preprocessing, solving, post-processing, visualization and reporting tools from various sources to enable multidisciplinary analysis, validation and simulation.

Users can integrate their preferred tools from nearly any software application into the ModelCenter workflow. For example, user-generated tools, legacy FORTRAN programs, C++ applications, spreadsheets, mathematical models, databases, models from CAD tools, CAE models, and others can be combined into the workflow. Users can then optimize the workflow to use HPC resources, iterate part or all of the workflow with different data, and manage the results. Engineers can very quickly explore and optimize performance, cost, reliability and risk for a number of different design alternatives using this approach.

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Cloud Computing and Collaborative MBSE Comes to HyperWorks –

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