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JOPLIN, Mo. – “It’s just like I’m there at the office,” says Wendy Brunner-Lewis.

She says it’s hard to imagine not being able to tap into the Cloud. “How many times have you woken up and your kids are sick and you think, ‘Oh gosh, all my stuff’s at the office.’ You know it’s nice that you don’t have to try to remember everything you need the night before and bring home,” Brunner-Lewis says.

A study by IDG Enterprise says almost seven out of ten offices are doing at least part of their work remotely, or on the Cloud. And it predicts it will be 100% within three years.

John Motazedi with Joplin IT company SNCSquared says that’s likely due to advantages like reduced maintenance. “Most of those things are already done by the vendor. So you don’t spend time backing it up, you don’t spend time patching it doing updates,” he says.

He also points to the flexibility; you aren’t limited by the size of your hardware on site, kind of like electricity. “Most people don’t have a generator in their house. They use electricity whenever they need it, they have wires that come to their house,” Motazedi says.

He adds security is a high priority, so new users should check out the Cloud service before signing up. “There is a difference in data centers and how secure access to those data centers are,” Motazedi says.

SNC Squared is holding a seminar on Cloud computing next month.

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Biz Cloud Computing – Four States Homepage

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