Computer-chess Wiki: Private Engine List

These are the engines with no activity in the last 5 years. These engines are probably dead.

November 2012: added Durandal, Leonidas, Nebula, Serena, and WhiskySoda; removed LUCI, it is replaced by Durandal

May 2012: added Tang; removed Magic, it is now public

April 2012: added Anubis; removed Rhetoric, it is now public

March 2012: added Cryptic

February 2012: added Amaia and Rhetoric

January 2012: added Ikarus, Falcon, and CrazyChips; removed Nemo, it is now public

November 2011: added Arminius, Blackmail, DCP, LUCI, Rasbojnik, Satana, Sidonia, and Sweetleaf; removed Deep Noob, it is abandoned

October 2011: removed Chiron, Mentally Challenged, NaltaP312 and Stallion Chess Engine, all of them are now public

August 2011: added Anaconda (but ChessBase-Native is free to download) and Magic

July 2011: added Nemo

March 2011: removed Purple Haze and Bobcat, both are now public

February 2011: added Jazz; removed Jazz & Zeta, they were released publicly

January 2011: added Bunny & Equinox; removed Scaramanga, it is a clone of the Now engine

October 2010: added Scaramanga, Goldbar and Rueno; removed Vapor it is now public

September 2010: added Rick48, Ditw, ChessTraining, Fridolin, Bolt, Chexa & Bursche

August 2010: added Kirby & Nightmare

July 2010: removed Hannibal: it is now public

June 2010: added Vapor, Bobcat, Fantod, Wombat & Rondo; removed Zilch: it is declared dead; removed Vajolet: it is now public; MemeChess renamed to Puca

May 2010: added Vajolet

April 2010: added Cowrie, PurpleHaze & Sibyl; added link for NaltaP312; Removed ChessMind: it is now public

March 2010: added Spandrel & Zeta; removed MatMoi & Darmenios, they are now public; removed Quadrox, it was renamed to ChessV and released publicly

February 2010: added Hannibal, Almond, EGM & Darmenios

January 2010: removed Jabba, Rainbow Serpent & Redqueen: they are now public; removed Manado Chess, it is a source-code-only engine; removed Nimrd, it is a retreated engine

November 2009: Ancalagon is dead, it is replaced by Rainbow Serpent

October 2009: added ChessMind; Goldentree renamed to Olympus

September 2009: added Jabba

August 2009: added Freccia; removed goaT(Toga CMLX) and Algebar(Rocinante): these engines changed names and became public

July 2009: added Nimrod, Zilch, and NaltaP

June 2009: added Sillycon, Plisk, EtaBeta, Cipollino, Manado Chess and Mentally Challenged. Removed Plisk, Bubble and Chesley the Chess Engine, they are now public. Removed Onno, it is now commercial

May 2009: added Chesley the Chess Engine, TwilightChess, Bubble, Pandix, Vlad Tepes, ChessV, and TuttiFruity. ChessV and n2 removed, they are now public

April 2009: added Moneypenny, Quadrox, RedQueen, n2, Cheetah, ApiChess, and Carnivor; Centurion and CTD removed, they are both retired; Demon renamed to Crimson and then deleted from this list – it is now publicly available

March 2009: added Goldentree; removed Myrddin, it is freely available now

February 2009: Added Myrddin; removed Anaconda, it is a free download from ChessBase with a CB-only interface

January 2009: added Algebar, Anaconda and Demon; KMTChess removed, it is no longer private

December 2008: added Cogito, EdlChess, Chimp, KMTChess, Flywheel, Cipollino, Eichhoernchen, Kallisto, and Tzunami; Glass removed, it is no longer private; Nexus replaced with Argonaut; Comeback is removed, it was not a private engine, but an engine beta; Ikarus removed, it is commercial; Grok, Hossa, Jake, Phark, and Qalat transferred to the inactive list. Dolphin and Cipollino removed, they are clones

November 2008: added Dolphin, MeneChess, WaDuuttie, and Z; Zzzzzz, Caligula, and RBrChess removed: they are no longer private; private engine Chronos renamed to Glass; Styx removed it seems to be a clone

October 2008: added Hal, Pebble, and Matmoi; Brainless removed: it is no longer private

August 2008: removed Rodin, it is no longer private

July 2008: added goaT, Onno, and HansDamf; XyclOps and Oxygen removed both are clones!

June 2008: added Ancalagon, Dr. Theopolis, and Rodin; Comeback author identified; Sorgenkind and Cerebro removed, they are no longer private

Apr 2008: added Comeback; Anatoli and ZCT removed, they are no longer private

March 2008: added Achilles/Axon, Anatoli, Azral, Bird, Brainless, Caligula, Centurion, CTD, Oxygen, Rascal, RBrChess, Sorgenkind, Styx, XyclOps; Engines with 2002 dates shifted to inactive list; Bright, Clarabit, and Dirty are no longer private. Some dates changed to 2008

Assistance in creating this list: Tony Thomas, Guenther Simon, Olivier Deville, Robert Allgeuer, Dr. Wael Deeb, Zach Wegner, Norbert Raimund Leisner, and Gerhard Schwager. Thanks guys!

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Computer-chess Wiki: Private Engine List

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