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If youre into the future of digital payment, youve probably already heard of the cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. While Bitcoin is now incredibly difficult to mine, its relatively easy to buy Bitcoins with traditional currency. For anyone wanting to begin their foray into this form of peer-to-peer transaction, which offers anonymity while simultaneously cutting out banks and other traditional third party financial entities, the first step is getting a Bitcoin wallet.

Bitcoins are stored in a digital wallet, stored in the cloud or on your personal computer, which act like a bank account, letting you pay or exchange Bitcoins. Imagine a virtual bank account that allows users to send or receive Bitcoin, or pay for goods from merchants that accept Bitcoin.

Below are eight great options for Bitcoin Wallets, along with two additional helpful apps to get you started, and you can download any of them here on Softonic.

1. Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet

Mycellium is one of the best Bitcoin wallets out there. With this app you can easily send and receive Bitcoins using your mobile device. It allows for cold-storage integrations with hardware Bitcoin wallets like Trezor or KeepKey, and has a unique feature to help manage your private keys as well as a secret number that allows Bitcoins to be spent.

2. Copay

Ever got confused about private keys? Thats where Copay comes in. This open source, multi-signature wallet from BitPay can help you have greater control over your private keys. This multi-signature technology allows Bitcoin wallets to be controlled by multiple private keys and users. Authorization for each transaction can require one, some, or all of these private keys.

3. Coinbase

By far, Coinbase is one of the most popular Bitcoin exchange services used globally. Merchants and consumers can transact with a variety of digital currencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

4. BreadWallet

Breadwallet is another open source and user-friendly wallet, perfect for beginners. Their core design principle is easy and intuitive software, so its a great option for those just starting out with Bitcoin.

5. Airbitz

If youre looking for something that will guarantee a little more privacy then have a look at Airbitz. The unique feature about Airbitz is that it is a completely decentralized wallet. What this means is that neither the company behind it nor any third-party can access your money or data. For those looking for best option in security and anonymity, this may be the wallet for you.

6. Bitcoin Wallet

Bitcoin Wallet is the first mobile Bitcoin app. Designed to make Bitcoin easy to use at a time when these types of apps were limited, its a simple design without all the bells and whistles of newer apps. You can quickly pay by scanning the QR code, which is a big plus.

7. GreenBits

GreenBits has a little bit of everything for everyone. Its a fast and easy to use wallet with multi-signature features and has strong security and privacy features as well.

8. Samourai Wallet

The new kid on the block, Samourai Wallet claims to be the most private and anonymous wallet available, featuring military grade encryption. It is currently available through an alpha release on Android.

Once youve chosen a wallet, its time to buy, convert, and spend your Bitcoin. While Bitcoin is now accepted by over 100,000 merchants worldwide, it still takes some maneuvering to use. In addition, Bitcoin values are extremely volatile and fluctuate daily, so its a good idea to keep an eye on how much your Bitcoin is worth on the open market before you buy, sell, or convert them.

9. Bitpay

Bitpay helps users accept Bitcoins for their business, store them, or convert and spend them as dollars using the BitPay card feature. Its an easy way to manage your Bitcoin finances and transactions, much like a regular checking account would.

10. Bitcoin Checker

If you have enough Bitcoin lying around, you may want to monitor the value of your Bitcoin. Bitcoin values are fluid and just like the stock prices, they can go up and down. Thats where Bitcoin Checker will come in handy. This app will help monitor the major cryptocurrencies from more than 80 stock exchanges worldwide. This gives you a wide range of Bitcoin to monitor.

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