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Cloud Storage | Team Knowhow

If your phone, tablet or laptop is lost, stolen or damaged, its not just the hardware you stand to lose its your most important files, photos and memories. But with Cloud Storage, youre protected.

Our range of storage options offers protection for up to 4TB of files working out at 2m documents, 800,000 photos or 1,600 HD videos. But whichever option you choose, your most important files will be safely backed up and stored in our data centres, protected from loss, theft or damage to your kit.

Using Cloud Storage couldnt be simpler: just download the app for your iOS, Android, Windows, Mac or Amazon Fire device, and your files will be automatically backed up. No stress, no hassle, just straightforward protection for the things that matter most.

Once youre backed up, its easy to stay connected with your friends and family by sharing your photos and videos in a matter of seconds and your data is encrypted to keep your files safe from prying eyes.

Full terms & conditions

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Cloud Storage | Team Knowhow

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Cryptocurrency Rankings | CryptoSlate

Cryptocurrency Rankings | CryptoSlate Biggest Gainers 24h Min. $50k Volume


24H VOLUME $15.38B







Ordered by Market Capitalization

Displaying 1-100 of 1830 total cryptos

A worldwide cryptocurrency and digital payment system

Decentralized platform that runs smart contracts

The digital asset for payments

Peer-to-peer electronic cash

Connecting banks, payments systems and people

Infrastructure for decentralized applications

Peer-to-peer Internet currency

Fiat currencies on the Bitcoin blockchain

Platform for complex programmable transfers of value

A secure, private, and untraceable cryptocurrency

Cross-protocol for digital entertainment

Open-source distributed ledger protocol

Digital cash

Decentralized platform that runs smart contracts

Distributed smart economy network

Blockchain built for enterprise

Digital asset exchange

A self-amending cryptographic ledger

Cryptocurrency with groundbreaking privacy

Ethereum-based financial technology

Product ID Management

Powering decentralized exchange

Business-ready blockchain

Blockchain application platform for Javascript developers

Bitcoin fork using Equihash algorithm

Open and progressive cryptocurrency

Private untraceable cryptocurrency

Decentralized exchange

Decentralized autonomous organization on the Ethereum blockchain

Peer-to-peer digital currency

Decentralized global blockchain

Blockchain based social media platform

A Revolutionary Blockchain Architecture

Scalable blockchain platform

Scalable blockchain platform with througput of thousands of TX/s

Interconnecting blockchain network

Blockchain-powered customizable tokens platform

Decentralized prediction market

High-Performance Public Multi-Chain Project

Decentralized private cloud

Secure and anonymous cryptocurrency

Interactive protocol of multiple byte assets

Invoice and trade finance platform

Scalable blockchain applications

Making cryptocurrency accessible to everyone

Social media tokens that reward all content creators

Worldwide supercomputer

Enterprise blockchain development platform

Ethereum-based token for dental Industry

Low-latency payment platform

Ethereum mobile client

Open-source cross platform cryptocurrency

International blockchain assets exchange

Open source blockchain technology suite

Decentralized platform based on blockchain technology

Mobile blockchain network

Token on the Nxt blockchain

The world’s first autonomous data network

Blockchain-powered loyalty point system

First Japanese cryptocurrency

Tokenized gold on Ethereum

Decentralized ecosystem for the Kik platform

Infrastructure for online service providers

Decentralized oracle network

Global blockchain acquiring

Traceable business ecosystem

Creating a bright and colorful blockchain world

Decentralized Cloud Computing Blockchain Network

End-to-end encrypted communications platform

World’s first decentralized data marketplace

Distributed hosting platform

Token for creating smart tokens

Multi-tier blockchain system

Cryptocurrency debit card

Decentralized gaming platform

A blockchain-based virtual reality world

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain service platform

Private cross-chain smart contracts

Advanced blockchain platform

Private financial transactions

Democratization of power

USD-backed stablecoin you can exchange and trust

Global Decentralized Marketplace for Virtual Assets

Private, decentralized, fast, open source, community-driven coin

Decentralized tip platform

Cryptocurrency debit card

Autonomous trading investment platform

All-in-one blockchain solutions

Decentralized exchange and open protocol

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Cryptocurrency Rankings | CryptoSlate

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The Best Cloud Storage Services for Backup in 2018

Cloud storage services are great for sharing files with friends and families, keeping documents in sync between all of your devices, and so much more. Free cloud storage is even better!

Yes, there really areno-strings-attached, free cloud storage services out there. Many of them, actually.While nearly all have premium offerings that provide more space, the free cloud storage offered is usually more than enough for most people.

Better yet, many of these free cloud storage providers give you even more free space for referring friends or performing other tasks.

Having trouble deciding on which free cloud storage service is right for you? Here’s a comparison chart of the top 5 services to help you decide.

Note: Cloud storage is different than automatic cloud backup. The services listed below are great for keeping your files kept online for storage, sharing, and playback, but they will not keep your computer files backed up online on a schedule.


Get 50 GB of free cloud storage with MEGA. MEGA offers secure end-to-end encryption to help combat a breach in privacy.

You can view and update your MEGA files through a browser, the desktop sync client, or the mobile app.


10 GB of free online storageis offered by pCloud, with friend referrals and other bonus stepsjumping it to a possible 20 GB.

A desktop client can be installed for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. There’s also a mobile app that’s very intuitive and easy to use.

pCloudsupports adding files from a remote URL in addition to single file and whole folder uploads through a browser. The mobile apps can upload photos and videos directly to your pCloud account.

Both files and folders can both be shared with non-users. Shared folders can even be downloaded as a ZIP archive.

Also, pCloud allows upload links to be generated for folders so anyone can send files to your account. A unique email address is also generated which lets you (or anyone)email files directly to a folder on your pCloud account.

In addition to the above, you can backup the photos from your social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, and Picasa.


Instantly get 10 GB of free online file hosting with MediaFire. Increase it to 50 GB or more with things like friend referrals and application downloads.

There are sharing options for files and folders and easy uploads of either single files or whole entire folders through the MediaFire website.

Mobile users can download an app to view and share files on the go or upload photos and videos.


Dropbox users start off with 2 GB of free space with several simple ways of earning more, up to around 18 GB.

You can view and upload all your Dropbox files from a desktop or mobile app and share whole folders with anyone, even if they don’t have a Dropbox account.

If you have Microsoft Office files stored in your Dropbox account, you can edit them from inside your browser for free using Microsoft Office Online.


10 GB of free online storage space is offered by Box (formerly

There’s a mobile application for nearly all devices that lets you upload/download/share your content. The desktop sync client also makes it super simple to upload files to Box.

Box users can share whole folders of data or pick single files to share with a public link.


New FlipDrive users get 10 GB of initial storage with an opportunity for more for each friend they can refer to start using FlipDrive.

There is a mobile appfor iOS, Android, Windows & Windows Phonethat can be used for uploading files to FlipDrive, but the website works, too. If you use the web version, you can upload whole folders using the website, which is nice.

You can share files with anyone, even if they don’t have a FlipDrive account. However, accessing sharedfolders requires a registered FlipDrive account.Recipients can be given write, edit, delete, and share permissions in addition to read rights for folders.

You can create up to 10 shared links and upload files that are as large as 25 MB.

The FlipDrive website isn’t the easiest to use when compared to most other cloud storage services, which is a bummer, but it still manages to function if you can work through it.


Google Drive is the cloud storage service offered by Google. Each new user gets 15 GB of free space.

The total storageis actuallyshared with other Google services, like Gmail and Google+ Photos. If you don’t use the other services, you canutilize almost all the space for Google Drive alone.

A sync client can be installed for desktop users, which supports folder and file uploads. There’s also a mobile app that can sendphotos and videos to Google Drive.

Folders and files can be shared with specific Google users via their email address or anyone with a public link. You can also make a file view-only, which prevents someone from downloading it.

Google Drive makes it really simple to collaborate with others by allowing comments and letting files be opened and accessed my more than one person at a time.


Formerly called SkyDrive, OneDrive is an online storage service from Microsoft. Everyone gets 5GB of free space when they sign up.

Extra hosting can be awarded if you follow certain instructions, like friend referrals and mobile photo syncing.

A desktop program can be installed to easily transfer folders and files of any type to OneDrive, making them accessible from a mobile device. The mobile app for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone can also upload filesboth images and videos.

OneDrive supports sharing both folders and files with non-registered users. A permission can be set to only allow viewing or to allow full editing.


Get 5 GB of free online storage space with HiDrive. If you refer friends to join, you can increase your storage up to 10 GB.

If you’re aWindows or Mac user, youcan connect to your account over WebDAV, which makes it really simple to drag and drop new files to your account.

An app is available foriOSandAndroidusers, which supports mobile photo and video uploads.

When sharing files, you’re required to set the URL to expire after a certain number of days and also set a maximum number of allowed downloads before the link becomes invalid.

You can also share folders, and recipients, even non-users, can download all the files at once in an archive.


Yandex is a Russian company known mainly for its popularYandex Searchand Yandex Email services, but they also have others, like 10 GB of free cloud storage for anyone who creates an account.

There are plenty of useful features with Yandex.Disk, such as public and privatefolder and file sharing, the ability to import photos via social networks,bulk downloads, automatic mobile uploads, and support for drag and drop.

Windows, Mac, and Linux users can install a desktop program to upload files to Yandex.Disk, and a mobile app is available for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. There’s even a Yandex.Disk app for LG smart TVs.


5 GB can of free cloud storage can be had when you sign up for Sync.

Like some of the other services listed on this page, Sync can upload multiple files at once through both the website interface as well as the mobile (iOS and Android) and desktop apps.

You can build shared folders that other users can interact with as well as share any folder or file withanyone, regardless if they’re a Sync user.

Vaultis a folder in Sync that you can put files into so that they aren’t synced across your other devices. This is useful if you just want to archive some files online but don’t need them elsewhere.

See Sync’sfeatures page for a list of its features and some comparisons between the free and pro versions.


Over 200 file typescan be uploaded to Jumpshare, with a total of 2 GB offree storage for every user. If you refer friends to join Jumpshare, you can get up to 18 GB forfree!

A downloadable program is available for Windows and Mac users that allowsreallysimple drag and drop and hotkey file sharing capabilities. There’s also an iOS app here.

The upload limit per file is 250 MB. The desktop program also lets you take screenshots and record your screen for 30 seconds.


myDrive is another online storage service but it offers much less space than the majority of the others in this list.There is no limit to how large uploads can be, but you can only store up to 100 MB on myDrive, which makes the maximum file size 100 MB as well.

Adesktop appis available for Windows, Linux, andMac computers, and an Android and iOS app for mobile devices. Plus, you can connect to your account through WebDAV.

myDrive is very limited compared to similar websites, such as the fact that file sharing is allowed only if you give out a “guest” username and password, and you only get one.

Though I do like thatyou can download multiple files in an archive andrestore deleted files up to a month after removing them from your account.


360 Security Cloud is aChinese service that offers a huge 360 GB of storage when you first sign up. If you download the desktop client, you instantly get upgraded toover 10 TB of storage!

Files and folders can be added to your account through either the website or the desktop program that’savailable for Windows and Mac.

You can share both files and folders with anyone through a public link, which doesn’t require them to have a 360 Security Cloud account.

Android and iOS mobile apps can be installed to access 360 Security Cloud, share files and folders, and upload photos and videos.

There’s a “daily draw” link available from the website that, when clicked, gives you extra storage space. The amount changes every day and you can only enter once per day.

Note:The 360 Security Cloud mobile app, website, and desktop programis only available in Chinese. Though it can be nearly impossible to understand what you’re doing through the applications (given you don’t read Chinese), uploading and sharing your files is a bit easier if you use anEnglish translationof the 360 Security Cloud website.

15 has an online storage service called Amazon Drive, which offers Amazon Primemembers unlimited photo storage plus 5 GB of space for videos and files.

Users can share files tocreatea public link accessible by anyone who uses it, even if they don’t have an Amazon account. Folder sharing isn’t supported.

Files can be uploaded using the desktop client software or the web version, though only the former allows folder uploads. A mobile appisalso available for uploading videos and photos from Android and iOS devices.

Sign up for Amazon Drive


Another website that gives out quite a bit of online space is Tencent Cloud at However, while there is 10 GB of free storage up for grabs, the website and app are not in English, making it pretty difficult to use them.

With that being said, if you’re out of options and need these 10 gigabytes, the upload and download buttons are easy enough to understand since they’re just pictures.

You can check how much space you have available from this page, and you can download the program for Tencent Cloudhere.

To get logged in to Tencent Cloud, you can download the WeChat app on your phone (it’s in English) and use theDiscover > Scanoption to scan the QR code on, which will get you in and let you use the cloud storage features. Use the QR code from the right tab, not the left one.


Degoo gives out a huge 100 GB of free storage to anyone who makes an account. You can use the cloud storage account on your computer through the desktop program, or access your files on the go with the mobile app for iOS and Android.

If you have lots of friends who want to use Degoo to store their files, you can even get 500 GBmoreby referring them to make an account. You get 3 GB for each person that joins through your referral. You can also watch ads to get more free online space (1.2 GB per day).

I’ve placed Degoo at the very bottom of this list despite its huge 100 GB capacity because it functions a bit more like a backup service rather than a cloud storage program.

You can definitely pick which files are backed up but backups are performed automatically every 24 hours to keep things updated, which makes it work more like a free backup service.

Because Degoo is a bit different than these other cloud storage services, you should use it like this: pick a folder on your computer that will hold all of your backed up files, or make new one. Put everything into that folder that you want to keep online, and then make sure Degoo is running to back up the files online.

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The Best Cloud Storage Services for Backup in 2018

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Bitcoin price falls after SEC postpones key ETF decision

Bitcoin fell sharply on Wednesday after the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) delayed a decision on a proposed bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF), which would have been the first financial product of its kind.

Cryptocurrency markets fell as a result. Bitcoin was down around 6 percent from 24 hours ago at 4:12 p.m. New York time, trading at just over $6,300, according to data from CoinDesk.

Investment firm VanEck teamed up with Solid X, a financial service company, earlier this year in a bid to launch an ETF that is backed by actual bitcoins rather than futures. An ETF is a financial product that tracks the price of an asset and is listed on an exchange. It means that investors don’t actually have to buy the underlying asset.

ETF’s are seen as a way for institutional investors to get into cryptocurrency investing in a safer way than buying bitcoin on a crypto-asset exchange.

This is VanEck’s third attempt to push a bitcoin ETF through, having been rejected by the SEC twice previously. On this occasion, the SEC said that it is pushing out its decision until September 30.

See the article here:
Bitcoin price falls after SEC postpones key ETF decision

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Bitcoin Dips Below $7,000, Hitting Lowest In 2 Weeks

Bitcoin prices declined to less than$7,000, hitting a two-week low. Shutterstock

Bitcoin prices fell below the $7,000 level today,reaching their lowest since mid-July.

The digital currency’s pricedeclined to as little as$6,933.09, according to theCoinDesk Bitcoin Price Index (BPI).

At this point, it wasdown roughly 6.5% for the day, additional BPI figures show.

[Ed note: Investing in cryptocoins or tokens is highly speculative and the market is largely unregulated. Anyone considering it should be prepared to lose their entire investment.]

Bitcoin’s Recent Recovery

Since reaching a 2018 low of$5785.43 in June, Bitcoin prices have bounced back, rising to as much as $8,479.33 July 25.

Right around that time, several analystsclaimed that the digital currency’s price had hit a local low, signaling a reversal in their trend.

“Bitcoin has indeed bottomed out,” stated Marouane Garcon, managing director ofcrypto-to-crypto derivatives platformAmulet.

Charles Thorngren,CEO ofNoble Alternative Investments, agreed with this statement, adding that an “attractive uptrend” was “in the works.”

However, not everyone had shared that point of view, with some market observers contending that it was too early to call a bottom.

“I’m concerned that the bounce off the lows wasnt sharp enough, so not willing to stand behind a call that its a bottom yet,” statedVinny Lingham, co-founder & CEO

Bitcoin’s recent pullback could easily worsen this uncertainty, motivating some traders to sit back and wait while the markets get their bearings.

Disclosure: I own some Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ether.

Go here to read the rest:
Bitcoin Dips Below $7,000, Hitting Lowest In 2 Weeks

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Altcoin News Archives – Ethereum World News

The daily basis flow of news regarding Ripple’s token asset XRP is astandardin the crypto-verse community. Whenever you type on Google or any search engine Ripple

According to a recent report from LegalWeekly, a Chinese cryptocurrency trader has served China-based OkCoin with a lawsuit regarding a Bitcoin Cash (BCH) related

Despite the market falling to near-yearly lows, Robinhood’s native cryptocurrency service has pushed forward in terms of development, recently announcing that it

Coinbase has announced the resumption of cryptocurrency trading service in the state of Wyoming. This announcement comes after three years of the platform ceasing

Bitcoin has slipped below $7,000 for the first time in three weeks as the number one cryptocurrency has failed to gather any post-weekend momentum. Altcoins are also

The news of Pornhub accepting Tron (TRX) as a payment option for its premium service, has been the talk of the crypto-verse for the last 2 months. More so, since the

The metaphor of something beinga double edged swordmeans that something has the potential for being favorable and also unfavorable. Picture the blade which is

The cryptocurrency markets are experiencing some sideways movement this morning (UTC + 3) with the total market capitalization showing some stability above $250

Less than 24 hours ago, Ethereum World News ran a story about how the SBI Holdings company aims at conquering the cryptocurrency trading arena with its VCTRADE

TokenPay (TPAY) CEO, Derek Capo, and veteran security Guru, John McAfee, with CEO of ModernChain and Oninute.Tech are going to be debating cryptocurrency adoption on

Visit link:
Altcoin News Archives – Ethereum World News

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How to Choose Which Altcoin to Invest In? –

Jun 30, 2016 at 12:58 // Price

The emergence and growth of the popularity of the alternative currency Bitcoin has led to the creation of many other cryptocurrencies based on Bitcoin Blockchain code. All these cryptocurrency have the generic name – Altcoins.

More new coins appear on the financial market often and immediately become the object of investment. To increase the investment attractiveness of altcoins in the network we receive information about the specifics of digital currencies which have more advantages than Bitcoin. For example, the possibility of producing more coins, the speed of transaction verification, and so forth. For Bitcoin developers, the development of their own innovations is more important, while other altcoins can be hardly regarded as competitive.

But investors are looking for any other possibilities to save and increase their wealth, as for them, the most important thing is the investment attractiveness of one or the other cryptocurrency. And if tomorrow the price, for example, of Litecoin will grow much faster than Bitcoin, investors will have a desire to sell Bitcoin and buy Litecoin.

In this article, we will try to uncover what criteria investors use to evaluate the investment attractiveness of altcoins. The main rule of the trader in the market is to follow the trend. If the trend is up, you need to buy, if trend is downward – you should sell. To start, we will take a look at the most popular altcoins, which are offshoot projects of Bitcoin.

This cryptocurrency was launched in 2011. Unlike Bitcoin, which has a limited number of 21 million coins, the number of Litecoins is four times higher – 84 million. Moreover, Litecoin transactions are also four times faster than Bitcoin – 2.5 minutes for Litecoin vs. 10 minutes for Bitcoin. Litecoin is characterized by high volatility and high volume on the trading market.

A relatively new exchange unit, which unlike other cryptocurrencies, can serve as a means for sharing resources using smart contracts. ETH is often called as cryptographic fuel, which is necessary for the Ethereum platform to work. Therefore, ETH generally has an interest for specialists who develop and disseminate decentralized applications.

Since the issue of ETH is limited, its price is expected to increase over time.

Peercoin is considered to be a self-cryptocurrency, which has an improved security system and a special algorithm. Payments in this cryptocurrency can be sent around the world. The mining has low expenses, as there is no need for enhanced maintenance of equipment to achieve the minimum commission for transfer payments.

The basis of this cryptocurrency algorithm was adopted from Litecoin. The number of coins in circulation can be unlimited. The DOGE price is first calculated against Bitcoin and then multiplied by the ratio of Bitcoin exchange rate against the US Dollar.

Neu is a relatively young cryptocurrency. Its launch was initiated in early 2015. Initially Neucoin was developed for the micropayment market below $1. However, in September 2015 Neucoins value reached 14 USD per 1000 Neu, which forced investors to pay attention to this altcoin. A characteristic feature of this altcoin is high volatility in the market.

To make it clear how altcoin prices change on the market, lets take a look at one of the examples. This is a graphical analysis of the Litecoin price over the past 2.5 years:

Dynamics of LTC/BTC exchange rates in June 2016

The dynamics of the price of LTC/BTC from 2014 to 1st half of 2016

The dynamics of the price of LTC and the BTC against the US Dollar from 2014 to 1st half of 2016

As you can see in the charts, the Litecoin price against the US Dollar and Bitcoin has been steadily declining. Thus, advantages of Litecoin over Bitcoin had no effect on the price increase of Litecoin. However, considering these charts it is difficult to assume a rising trend for Litecoin.

Similarly, we can try to analyze the direction of the trend of any other altcoin.

Using the review of the major altcoins we will try to identify the top-5 most important criteria when buying cryptocurrency.

1. Investment attractiveness. The rising cost of a cryptocurrency over a time interval is an important criterion when selecting an object of investment. Stable growth for 2-3 years speaks to the confidence of players in the cryptocurrency. Moreover, using collected information, the investor should be aware of the direction of the trend.

2. The cost of production of coins – a factor that consistently affects the market value of the coin.

3. The number of coins that can be mined. An unlimited number of coins in circulation have a negative impact on the growth of altcoin price. Too limited a number of coins can also scare away investors.

4. The volume of sales and the number of participants. The more activity around a certain cryptocurrency, the greater the likelihood of its price growing.

5. Appearance on the cryptocurrency exchanges and partnerships with other existing payment systems. It is important to select the exchange with higher prices, and for depositing or withdrawing funds when buying or selling cryptocurrency.

Each investor must independently determine the feasibility of buying a particular investment instrument.

This analysis and forecast are the personal opinions of the author and are not a recommendation to buy or sell cryptocurrency.

See original here:
How to Choose Which Altcoin to Invest In? –

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Schrdinger’s Killer App: Race to Build the World’s First …

“This is a beautifully written book that presents the carefully researched facts in an engaging style. The historical narrative, everywhere, is spiced up with entertaining anecdotes and sprinkled with references. The math and physics are presented through simple examples illustrated by drawing on analogies, while avoiding the use of any equations.”Contemporary Physics, 2014

” explains the difficult concepts of quantum mechanics to laypersons, using analogies that require no background in physics or advanced mathematics. These concepts include quantum entanglement, Schrodinger’s cat, and quantum computational complexity. Dowling (Louisiana State) has worked with the US Department of Defense (DoD) in their development of quantum information sciences for the last 20 years. The book’s title refers to the fact that all the encrypted communication of the Internet could easily be unveiled by a quantum computer, thus leading to competition to develop such a machine. The work begins with a discussion of Einstein, who fought against many notions of quantum physics, such as quantum entanglement and quantum computational complexity. The second chapter explains Bell’s theorem, proving that the entanglement ‘action at a distance’ idea actually takes place. Later chapters address how the public-key encryption system used by the Internet can be broken by a quantum computer; one-time pad encryption together with the unbreakable quantum key distribution technique and the DoD’s efforts to build a quantum computer; and the idea of building a quantum computer using entangled particles as the underlying building blocks. Recommended.” C. Tappert, Pace University, CHOICE Magazine

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Schrdinger’s Killer App: Race to Build the World’s First …

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Brokers Cryptocurrency Deals Are Focus of SEC Review …

Wall Streets main regulator is boosting its scrutiny of brokerages that deal in cryptocurrencies, according to two people familiar with the matter, the latest sign that authorities want to know more about a burgeoning market that they fear might be full of misconduct.

Brokerages have been peppered in recent weeks with questions from Securities and Exchange Commission examiners about their business practices and how they deal with clients, according to one of the people, who requested anonymity to discuss the review. Among other things, the SEC is seeking specific information about fees generated from trading, financing and initial coin offerings. The agency is also gathering data on investment advisers involvement, another person said.

Cryptocurrencies have gotten increasing attention in the past year from regulators including SEC Chairman Jay Clayton, who has said he believes the ICO market is rife with fraud. The agencys enforcement unit has sued firms that it says violated securities laws through coin offerings, and Bloomberg News has reported that Justice Department lawyers have opened a criminal probe into whether traders are manipulating the price of Bitcoin and other digital currencies.

Its predominantly smaller brokerage firms that deal with virtual tokens. No Wall Street banks currently trade cryptocurrencies.

The SEC review, being led by the Office of Compliance Inspections and Examinations, follows requests seeking information from hedge funds about how they price digital investments. It comes as industry self-regulators like the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority and the National Futures Association question member companies about their dealings in cryptocurrencies.

Theyre trying to understand the whole ecosystem, John L. Jacobs, executive director of Georgetown Universitys Center for Financial Markets and Policy, said of regulators inquiries. Theyre still wrestling with how to make sure that this an organized efficient marketplace.

Natalie Strom, a spokeswoman for Clayton, declined to comment.

OCIEs primary function is conducting examinations with the goal of protecting investors and ensuring market integrity. When the units inspectors spot signs of misconduct, they typically refer findings to the SECs enforcement division for further scrutiny that can lead to formal investigations, fines and other penalties when wrongdoing is found.

The cryptocurrency and ICO markets have grown rapidly and present a number of risks for retail investors, OCIE said in a February report outlining its exam priorities for this year. Areas of focus will include, among other things, whether financial professionals maintain adequate controls and safeguards to protect these assets from theft or misappropriation.

To be sure, some brokerages and money managers have reported their involvement to regulators and have asked for guidance to ensure theyre complying with the law. Others have been less forthcoming, and the regulatory landscape is complicated by legal wrangling over which assets should be considered securities under the SECs jurisdiction.

In addition to asking brokerages about whether theyve been involved with ICOs, the SEC has also been questioning firms over their clearing agreements, as well as personnel and other in-house matters, one of the people said. Finra, the front-line brokerage regulator overseen by the SEC, sent firms a notice last month asking them to notify the agency if they get involved with digital assets.

NFA, the industry-funded regulator for the derivatives industry, notified the Commodity Futures Trading Commission last month that it plans to require that firms dealing in the cryptocurrency derivatives and cash markets make additional disclosures.

This seems to be transitioning from where the house is on fire to incorporating supervision of the intermediaries, said Jeff Bandman, principal at Bandman Advisors whose clients include crypto firms.

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